PhotographerAnna66 Andrzejewska
Entry Description

In Humantria, made up of 8 photographs, but here I present only 5. It is presenting the human figure in the context of geometric forms, I inquire into the relations between the body and the figure, I focus on divisions, composition, geometry.

About Photographer

Anna66 Andrzejewska was born in 1977 in Będzin, Poland. She is a member of Association of Polish Art Photographers and a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice at the Graphics Workshop Department, under the supervisor prof. Ewa Zawadzka. She deals with creative photography and expresses herself in terms of the widely understood portrait. An important element of her photographs is colour, but she fancies black-and-white minimalism, too, beautiful ugliness and balancing on the edge of kitsch. In the artistic field she enjoys designing the real world of an unreal structure. She is a winner of many competitions. She has had individual and collective exhibitions all over Poland and abroad. She appreciates the work of Zofia Rydet, Natalia LL., Waldemar Jama. She has got a dog and three cats.