Photographeramy kanka valadarsky
Entry Description

Dancing as a dialogue. Between black and white. Between body and mind. Between the dancer and the costume. Between the dancer and its reflection. Most of all, an opportunity to let the body speak. Without words. The story of a dancer who at the age of 17, a shy girl who disliked her body (and how many girls at this age love their looks?) met a dance teacher. A belly dancing teacher who changed her world. Now, years later, she is teaching women of all ages to free their bodies, love them, love themselves.

About Photographer

Born in Romania, moved with my family to Israel at the age of 8. Following family tradition, studied math and computer science, then worked in the hi-tech software industry for 25 years. It was the approaching age of 50 coupled with a junction in the professional life that created the space for a question I never asked 'what do I really want to do?'. The answer was - something where I can create. Following this decision, I started to train as a goldsmith, after 2 years of study in parallel to the day job, left the hi-tech world for good. The need to photograph my jewelry led to an unexpected turn of events. I planned to master the camera, I never expected to fall in love with photography. To finally find who I am by looking through the lens.