Iron Plate City

PhotographerTsung-Heng, Chen
Entry Description

The original panoramic photos are super high resolution to show the details of every corner of the city. Taipei is a metropolis which has a population of about 6 million. People are crowded onto a narrow hinterland. The Housing problem is more serious than other cities. While the economy has flourished, the quality of housing has not improved much because of an imbalance in land policy. Due to unequal distribution of wealth, unique and absurd real estate taxation, failure in urban renewal policy, defective renting market and some other factors, residents have to suffer unreasonably high prices but a low quality living environment. In order to earn more living space, almost every household constructs an iron plate hut on the roof which is actually not allowed by law. The birds-eye-view of the city displays the extreme contrast between old and new development throughout the metropolis. When night falls, the city is enveloped in an indigo sky, showing the beauty and sorrow of itself.