CompanyOAK stories
PhotographerJavier Corso
Entry Description

FISHSHOT is a documentary photography project which shows the hardest and least known Finland’s reality. A country that stands for quality of life but at the same time hides high rates of suicide, homicide and violence. The excessive consumption of alcohol is present in more than half of the mentioned cases. The emotional isolation, sentimental repression and exaltation of self-sufficiency largely explain the causes of their problems.

About Photographer

Javier Corso (1989) started working as a documentary photographer in 2011. His photographs has been published and exhibited worldwide, included the Instituto Cervantes of New York and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. His last projects have been selected in Descubrimientos Photo España 2015 as well as winner the International Photon Festival Grant and the Photo Romania Festival Grant for young photographers. His portfolio has been recognized with three honorable mentions in International Photography Awards 2015 (IPA) and with the third prize in Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). Actually he heads a new documentary agency called OAK stories.