The Barbershop

CompanyMindTripz Inc.
PhotographerGolareh Safarian
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The interior of a quaint small-town barbershop in California.

About Photographer

Golareh Safarian was born in Tehran, Iran and has studied in Spain, Canada, and the United States. She specializes in a variety of artistic mediums including photography, fine art, video production, writing and directing. To her, “life is a balancing act between positives and negatives; between awareness and ignorance; between creator and machine. In more tangible terms, this becomes a dance between the optimist and the pessimist within.” In her art, she aims to argue for the optimist while acknowledging the seductive and haunting pull of the pessimist. She identifies this as her personal quest for magic and beauty which she often finds in the unlikeliest places. She considers her work as mostly an homage to color, and seeks to rediscover shapes and shades without judgment, with childlike enthusiasm and wonder. For more information on Golareh Safarian or her work, please visit