Human Brain Project (HBP)

PhotographerMu Yang
Entry Description

Human Brain Project (HBP) documents a marginalized group of people who claim to have been remotely controlled by satellites via interference with their brainwaves. So far, their behavior has been recognized worldwide as a type of mental disorder. Photographs express no intention to prove or disprove the validity of brainwave control. Rather, I shot in a way similar to documenting certain religious rites and I hope the project paints a heterotopia for the “victims” where we can learn the construction of their ideologies and relevant vocabularies, as well as contemplate on the concept of "alienation" from a wider angle.

About Photographer

Mu Yang, born in Sichuan China, started photography in her college. In the past few years, Mu recorded various marginalized groups of people, who were constantly seeking their sense of belonging yet unable to blend in. Compared to exploring their physical conditions, her artworks put more emphasis on their psychological conundrum in this ever-evolving modern society. Mu's documentaries are imaginative, most of which are ambiguous images steering between reality and fiction.