PhotographerLaurent RIGAUX
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyUn Grand Détour
City/CountryParis, France
Photo DateJanuary 2014
Technical InfoDigital camera
Entry Description

Kanpur is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh, India, well known to be a major industrial hub. Its population is about 4 million people. Among other industries like detergent and fertilizer manufactures, 400 tanneries are located near the Ganges river. They are responsible for the most polluted stretch of "Mother Ganga". In the area, chroma and other contaminants are highly used by members of lowest castes and muslims. Behind the smell and the sight of skin wastes being dried before being transformed into animal meal, a social and health disaster is on going, encouraged by our clothing over-consumption.

About Photographer

I am a civil engineer since 10 years and started photography in 2007 when I took evening lessons at the National School of Photography in Arles, France. Since, I realized a few project as "Lisières" in 2012, made in Estonia and exhibited in Strasbourg, France in 2013. In September 2013, I left France for 11 months in order to realize a photo-journalistic project about the relationship between human beings and rivers. I travelled along 9 iconic rivers, interviewed more than 150 specialists and of course took pictures. The series I present to IPA is part of this work. It has been exhibited in Paris in February 2015, in La Grange Aux Belles, a local cultural center, in order to raise awareness of leather industry.