Urban Seascapes

CompanyIgnacio Barrios
PhotographerIgnacio Barrios
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

“Urban seascapes” is a study of the city of Madrid that goes beyond architecture. By transforming the urban landscape into a seascape, we introduce our self into a new infinite horizon leaving the noisy streets of Madrid. Each building was experiencing a precise moment of transformation of their façade, which we could compare it to the tides of the sea that come and go leaving behind a new drawing and in this case a new façade. The background of the crisis in Spain is present throughout the series since most of these buildings where in re-construction during years.

About Photographer

Born in Geneva (1989). Based in Madrid and studying in London. Education 2017-2019 MA Photography. RCA, Royal College of Art, London. 2014 BA in Media and Communication, University Complutense of Madrid. 2008-2009 Professional Digital Phography Course, School of Photography & Centre for the Image (EFTI), Madrid, Spain. Courses & Workshops 2017 Cinematography Lighting Applied to Photography Course. EFTI, Madrid. 2017 "Casa" with Antonio Xoubanova & Oscar Monzon. 2016 Editorial Portraits Workshop with Javier Marquez, Workshop Experience, Madrid. 2016 Creativity and Strategies in Contemporary Photography. Workshop with Javier Vallhonrat. 2009 Documentary Filmmaking Workshop, International School of Film & Television (ECITV), San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.