A long mourning

Photographerstephanie ravel
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymanama, Bahrain
Photo Datenovember 2014
Entry Description

A long mourning documents the commemoration of 'Ashura' by the Shiite community in Iran.Ashura is the tenth day of Moharram, the first Islamic month. For Shiites particularly it is a day of mourning recalling the martyrdom of Imam Husain (grandson of the prophet Mohammed) at Karbala in 680 AD. Each year during ten days, crowds of mourners attend commemorative services, reciting elegies, passion plays as well as processions of chest beating and self-flagellation, the tenth day being the climax of this dramatic tension.This work focuses on the sociological aspect of the commemoration, hoping to widen the understanding of the Shiite community

About Photographer

Stephanie Ravel is a French photographer. She has lived in Tunisia, India and China before establishing herself in Bahrain. During her nomadic life, photography has been a constant way to explore and understand people's cultures. Stephanie’s practice is concerned with the construction of identity, with a focus on religious rituals. She devotes most of her free time to visit religious places and festival seeking to understand the spiritual, political and social aspect of faith. Since she arrived in the Gulf region, Stephanie regularly documents the daily life and working conditions of the South-Asian migrant workers. She is currently finishing a Master in Documentary Photography while working at the University of Bahrain. Stephanie’s work has been exhibited several times in Bahrain. Her last project ‘i-islam’ has been selected for Art Bahrain 2015.