Water Concerto

PhotographerDanuta Antas Wozniewska
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBydgoszcz, Poland
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

Observing lines and rhythms in water movements I noticed that patterns occuring on water surface are very musical. I almost felt I was listening to music concert while taking the shots.

About Photographer

Born 1961, Polish artist, fine art photographer, graphic designer, writer and English philologist. She's graduated from Fine Art Faculty at Torun Nicolaus Copernicus University, specializing in intaglio techniques and Art teaching as well as from English Philology Faculty specializing in British Cultural Studies. Black and white Art lover. Since 2009 Danuta got interest in digital photography. The prevailing themes in her work are landscapes permeated with spiritual light, trees in all possible shapes and old abandoned buildings carrying memories of past generations of inhabitants. The influnce of traditional intaglio techniques she studied, attention to detail and to the texture of objects, arranging the whole composition by means of light and lines, is visible in technique Danuta uses in her photographic work. Currently, the artist works as a freelance graphic designer.