Entry Title: "1986"
Name: Melinda Repetti , United States
Category and Expertise: Fashion, Student

Entry Description: Experimenting with lighting in my final year, my model and I used the underskirt of my mother's wedding dress from 1986. We really wanted to show the texture of the dress as well as the sheer volume.

About the Artist:

My name is Melinda Repetti, I am a photographer out of Colorado with a dedication to fashion. There is a boldness and frivolity in fashion that I crave in my photos. Using clothing as a foundation, I strive to construct my photos as much more than an advertisement that simply sells a product. I enjoy all forms of fashion, from the film noir look to the brash contemporary editorials. Graduating college in May of 2015 with a AAS in Professional Photography, I plan on moving to a larger market after establishing a name for myself. I will be traveling to different parts of the country to build my ever expanding portfolio.