106 Degrees

PhotographerSara Chieco
Prize3rd Place in People / Other_P
City/CountryOakland, United States
Photo DateJune 2015
Entry Description

These are the year-round occupants of Slab City, CA of which there are only about 125. Squatting off the grid with no running water, electricity or sewage in summer temperatures that rise to 125 degrees requires extreme fortitude. A surprising number of the occupants are former military, and often suffer from PTSD. Money or not, they are all human just like anyone else, and showed me a true kindness.

About Photographer

Sara Chieco is formally trained in mathematics (B.S.), Computer Science (M.S.), and Fine Art (ceramics, and architecture). Though she began taking pictures when she was a child, it's only been the past four years that photography has gone from a hobby to a real passion. Her goal is to capture the essence of people in the context of their place. Her recent projects include documentary storytelling in Sarajevo, Guatemala and the Salton Sea.