A High Tower Building

PhotographerShin Mimura
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyM and Y office / Lumiere
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo DateJuly 13 2015-July 20 2015
Entry Description

I took pictures of a high tower building.

About Photographer

Born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Shin Mimura was raised in various places in Japan because his father was a cameraperson for the Japan's biggest public broadcasting organization (NHK). He attended to the faculty of literature in Waseda University. And he became an assistant photographer for Mr. Masahiko Yanagisawa who is a professional photographer, taking pictures of social dances. He won the 3rd Prize for Professional --> Nature --> Other category and 19 Professional Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013. He won the 2nd Prize for the Professional --> Architecture --> Interiors category and 57 Professional Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2014. He won the Silver Prize for the fine art category in the White photography contest of Prix de la Photographie Paris. He won the Gold Prize for the Professional --> Advertising --> Architecture category in Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 Competition 2015. He is now living in Tokyo, but he is willing to take pictures anywhere on this planet. My web site is at http://www.m-and-y-office.com/ If you want to contact me, please send mails to mimura@m-and-y-office.com .