Honorable Mention


  • Photographer
    Andrey Popov
  • Date of Photograph
    2014/01 to 2015/05
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5D Mk2

I have a very good and happy life, and I think a lot of it is due to the fact that I was pursuing dreams that a lot of my friends and family called childish, unrealistic, sometimes plain stupid. I didn't even believed some of them, but often pursuing something is easier than letting the dream go, and so I kept at it, without expecting much. Some of the things worked out, some of them didn't. But I know for sure that if I weren't persistent easy going fool I would be a much less happy fool that I am right now :) And my series is about that, it's meant to show that children's dreams are magical, they are often unrealistic, but they are beautiful nonetheless, and discarding a dream just because it is unrealistic is... boring.

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