Sounds of emotions

PhotographerTomasz Grzyb
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRadom, Poland
Photo Date2012-2014
About Photographer

Artist photographer, member of the Fotoklub RP (AFRP) and the Polish Art Photographers Association (ZPAF), member of the Photography Society in Radom and the artistic groups „Fotoquortet” and „Piktorialni”. Co-founder of the Photographic Group „ProFoto”. Author of six individual exhibitions: "Zone of Silence" (2014), "The Testimony" (2013), "Emotions Sounds" (2012), "The Light in the Shadow Space" (2010), " Mountains Glare" (2009), "Angles" (2008). Tomasz Grzyb also participated in numerous group exhibitions.