Bandy - the game of shy men and flying goaltenders

PhotographerReto Puppetti
Prize3rd Place in Sports / Winter sports
CompanyPhotos As Art
City/CountrySt.Gallen, Switzerland
Entry Description

May I introduce you to bandy: Bandy is a winter sport played on an ice rink and a mix out of icehockey, field hockey and football. Icehockey as you know it today has originally arison from Bandy. But Bandy is played on a football-field icerink, which is difficult to establish and maintain. Bandy is especially popular in nordic countries. The Swedish "Elitserien" is the only professional league worldwide. The photos show the scandinavian derby between 11x World Champion Sweden and 1x World Champion Finland in Uppsala. They show you: - Bandy is played like football on a huge rink with 11 players per team - how ultra-fast this sport is - goaltenders don't have a stick, but fly arount like football-keepers - the ball is very hard. like in field hockey, there are corner-plays and the defenders hide there face like shy boys when the attackers shot.

About Photographer

Since 1995 Reto has been working as an editor, freelance journalist and photographer for numeros publications. From 2006 on he steered all his creative juices entirely towards photography. Since then Reto's images have been awarded repeatedly at prestigious international photo competitions. He shoots primarily for art-prints and -products, but also commissions worldwide. His photos are for example published in high-end magazines, buisness publications, billboards or as book covers. Reto loves to discover and experiment with new imaging techniques - adapted from canadian photographer and author Freeman Patterson, who once said:"there is only one rule in photography - never expose your color film in chicken noudle soup". Website: