Perseveration: The Heron of the Huron River

PhotographerGlenn Hieber
Prize2nd Place in Book(self-published) / Nature
CompanyTBI Photography
City/CountryAnn Arbor, United States
Photo Date2009-2014
Entry Description

Book resulted from construction of a parking structure that moved the local bus stop onto the Maiden Lane Bridge for perhaps liability concerns, providing expanded vantage before and after boarding of the Huron River below. Mostly after July, when the spring flow washes out down to one third of normal water levels, as the shore foliage reaches out for sun the summer heat. Over 100 captures from the twelve month construction, alone. Some hypothesis explored involve not only whether the Huron River, Lake and Tribe were perhaps a misnomer by the French explorers for Heron, but also whether the University of Michigan's iconic maize and blue colors where named for the corn farming and The Great Blue Heron indigenous to lower Michigan and in particular this region.

About Photographer

TBI Photography's founding priority remains reaching head injury survivors in particular who, to date, decline medical help for fear of social stigma surviving today towards an insulted brain. The millennium wars bring signature traumatic brain injury, but also a resulting explosion in brain science. Talented experienced professionals are ready to share insight to maximize a fun, productive and even beautiful life with TBI. It's indeed an exciting time for diagnosis and care, upon onset. Life indeed may very well change with TBI, but it doesn't have to end. Leaving it still what you make it.