Woman Vanitas

PhotographerValerie Ogorodnyk
Prize1st Place in People / Self-Portrait
CompanyValerie Gallery
City/CountryMelbourne, Australia
Photo Date20/07/2012
Technical InfoNikon D300
Entry Description

The Dutch “vanitas” (Latin for vanity) still life brings together the prevailing moral tone and an appreciation of everyday objects: how vain and insignificant are human concerns. ”Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” These objects symbolize transitory human achievement and satisfactions. People can’t live without commodities and modern way of life and human existence depends on them. On the other side, more and more significance is given to pleasure our life with food. Women's beauty is temporary, same as fruits and flowers. The result is – it is human tendency to keep the beauty as long as we can and surround our life with it. So, we keen to objectify beautiful things. That’s our natural fear of mortality.

About Photographer

I express my thoughts and ideas through selfportraits. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder has been manipulated! My practice has dealt with the theme of women�€™s beauty, the aging process and constructed ideal of the female image in contemporary society. With my work My goal is to create images that challenge the commercialized cult of body and explore the perception of beauty.