PhotographerBRUNO BRAVO
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Environmental
City/CountryBRASILIA, Brazil
Photo Date7/13/2004
Technical InfoDIGITAL
Entry Description

Policarpo is a fisher from Fernando de Noronha island, Brazil. This island is quite isolated, in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. That's why the nature is almost totally preserved there. Policarpo is used to fish at the presence of this special bird, Atoba. And he is able to share with it all he gets. The island is a rare place in the world.

About Photographer

Bruno Costa e Silva is a Brazilian photographer and has a Masters in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in Cultural Journalism. Began to photograph in the newspaper Folha de Pernambuco and now works as a freelancer. Had photograph in the collection of The Temporary Center For Fine Art Photography, Colorado / USA. During the year 2011 was represented by another gallery U.S.: Artists Haven Gallery, Florida. Participated in several solo and group exhibitions. In February 2012, was quoted in the magazine Photo Magazine, as featured Portraits exhibition, which took place in the main gallery of The Center For Fine Art Photography, USA, in 2012. Understands photography as a means of understanding and interpretation of human complexity