Honorable Mention

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  • Photographer
    Raina Stinson
  • Company/Studio
    Raina Stinson Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    2013 to 2015
  • Technical Info
    digital captures

This series of photographs is titled, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. The collection of images contrasts physical elements, which are common to the adult world of high fashion, against an emotional backdrop of unfettered, childlike whimsy and carefree exuberance. While my concepts in this series, and the ways in which I have directed the styling and set designs, are about having fun, throwing caution to the wind, and approaching life with wild abandon, there is also a subtle element of satire, directed at the ridiculous seriousness with which the beauty industry takes itself. I hope the pictures bring lighthearted enjoyment, while at once provoking deeper thought.

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