PhotographerZakaria Ahmed
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOzone Park, United States
Photo DateMarch 2015
Technical InfoShot with a Canon 5D Mark II
Entry Description

In a long journey in our life, we stumble here and there and our life is full of twist, and pain. The Jeans pant represent an individual in a bathtub taking shower, who has much layers of pain to get rid of.

About Photographer

Zakaria Ahmed is a still life, documentary photographer and a graphic designer. He was born and raised in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He believes art and photography to be outlets of self-discovery, of personal expression and tools for social change. He is dedicated to capture society and the people that define our times and thus sensitivity and an intimate relationship with his subjects are signatures of his work. He portrays the intimate human relationships with contemporary society and time through his works. Access to a subject's personal life is a precious gift. Zak honors this responsibility by working to create truthful, story-telling photographs. Zakaria knows the power of the still image and of each person’s ability to impact the world at large.