Honorable Mention

Guitares Boucher

  • Photographer
    Dave Paquet
  • Date of Photograph
    March-april 2015
  • Technical Info
    Making an acoustic guitar

First photo: The soundtable drying for two to five days. Second photo:The outer mold to compress the sides of the guitar. Third photo:The Sky or (Le ciel) sequence where we fix the strutts and braces. Fourth photo:Kerfing,place on each side to hold top and bottom part of the guitar. Fifth photo:Finishing touches with the (Rosette) and (filet d'Aubier) on the guitar.


As i walk trough the shop with Robin the owner, he tell's me already how important the Épicéa from the Adirondak is crucial for is rigidiy and tonality of the soundtable.I already have the picture in mind since he told me the process to select the good pieces by cutting at a specific angle and how the wood layers affect the soundtable. Then going into the main part of the shop , first thing i see is those molds that look from the stone age where they press each side of the guitare to get assembled on the main mold. Next to it there is a guy standing like he's playing some kind of war game,but crucialy (Le Ciel) or the sky is the part where strutts and braces are glued to balance the treble and tones, and also rigidity of the body together. The Kerfing...those curves and details that made me go nut in front of it.These are made to fit the top and bottom of the guitar together well.At first it look like a half portion of a treble clef or a majestic building.Just love this part. The last segment of this series is to wrap the (Rosette) and the (Filet d'Aubier) around and on the top of the guitar to make it a very luxurious product.

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