PhotographerErica Simone
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyErica Simone Photography
City/Countrynew york, United States
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

Elaborate images of women are quick to reign in the fashion world, so I wanted to show that men, too, can hold a place of utter extravagance; one that feels natural, but completely over the top all at the same time.

About Photographer

Erica Simone is a Franco-American photographer and artist, based between New York City, Los Angeles and Paris, France. Erica works on assignment for editorial, commercial and NGO clients from around the globe. Her images have appeared in newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic, New York Mag, The Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, PHOTO, PDN, NY Arts Magazine, Whitewall, Resource, Le Parisien, El Mundo, and many others. Simone’s photographs have been exhibited all over the world in festivals, solo and group shows as well as on TV and in documentaries.