Personal project

PhotographerSerena Carminati
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGenova, Italy
Photo DateMay-July 2015
Entry Description

A picture a day project shot almost daily over a period of three months, between May and July 2015. I had to stop the project for personal reasons, as my father passed away in July this year. This project contains several still life photographs portraying food with different objects and materials, to emphasise on the natural beauty of the subjects.The style stands somewhere between advertising and fine art.

About Photographer

Serena Carminati is a food photographer based in Genoa, Italy. While living in the UK for several years, she gained her BA Hons. in Graphic Design at Kingston University, after having studied photography on a BTEC National Diploma, at Brighton and Hove City College. For more than twenty years, Serena has explored several photographic fields, while travelling and experiencing all life has to offer. Her love for food, Italian lifestyle and tradition brought her to specialise in food and still life photography. Serena became a food blogger in 2012, to fully express her passion for photography, food styling and recipe development. Her approach to still life and food photography is often minimalistic, clean and elegant. Serena uses light, composition and colours to emphasise the natural beauty of the subject, in order to create simple but iconic images of ordinary objects. Her Personal Project (an ongoing work, regularly published on her blog was awarded 1st place in the Advertising / Food Category at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2016, along with other important awards.