Honorable Mention

Guitares Boucher

  • Photographer
    Dave Paquet
  • Date of Photograph
    March-april 2015
  • Technical Info
    Tha making of a guitar

First photograph: Will be the Kerfing,which allow the upper and lower parts of the body to stick to the main frame. Second photograph: What we call the Rosette, wrap around the sound hole. Third photograph: As we go trough the shop, here come's sanding time for the hole body of the guitars. Fourth photograph: Then we are almost done,when Pascal put the final touch with the varnish tha will allow the guitar to shine. Fifth photograph: This one don't follow the steps very well, but that's how the shop is done, at the far end of it you have a special room dedicated to the tablesound.They stand at height feet in the air and get the final drying stage before to go back on the line to be assembled with the hole body.


The curfing, wow majestic!!, as i walk close to the table i ask Martin,this is beautifull,what is it for..this is made to assemble the top and bottom,as simple as that.For me it look like a treble clef,or a car fender.. The most difficult part of the work is definitly the (Rosette) made of sapwood, which give Guitares Boucher Saturn's rings. That's what i want it to reveal here, because without it it would'nt be a Boucher or it would'nt be Saturn,the planet of course. For the next part,not much to say unfortunatly, apart that we see the product taking shape,after sanding and sitting here to wait for varnishing.After few hours in the shop i really start to warm up,and get the guitar closer to my eyes. Next step,again,sitting in front of me, the final touches,the varnish is finally applied to the guitar before the final settings,like putting on the cords and delivering it to the customer. To complete my visit at Guitares Boucher,this is the last room i visited,where all the soundtables dry together for their last time.For me this picture represent the open heart of Guitares Boucher their true spirit,the tablesound made from Épicéa of Adirondak, that give strengh, rigidity and that prestigious sound,that many musicians from all around the world love so much.Thanks for reading me.

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