The Palouse

PhotographerGary Horsfall
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySeattle, United States
Photo DateApril 2015
Technical InfoSony a65 Sigma 28mm F1.8
Entry Description

The Palouse is a region in the Northwestern United States encompassing parts of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. The “silt dunes” which characterize the Palouse Prairie were formed during the last ice age. The result is a landscape of random humps and hollows where flat ground is a rare occurrence. The vistas are impressive and the subtlety that exists between the sky and the undulating prairie be it in winter when it lies fallow, the spring when the wheat is growing or the summer when it turns golden brown as it ripens provides bold contrasts of tone and shadow.

About Photographer

Gary Horsfall, a self-taught photographer was born in 1959 in Los Angeles, California. Creativity and beauty have always been driving elements in Gary’s life. Gary was from a young age, inspired and awed by his Grandfather (Junior Jones) who was a pen and ink artist and cartoonist. His mother is an ardent crafter whose lifetime of work has spanned Tole painting, fiber arts and mixed media creations. Gary moved to Eugene, Oregon at the age of six. In his late teens he took up photography as a way to record his outdoor adventures trekking along the Oregon coast and rafting, backpacking, skiing and climbing throughout the Cascade Mountain Range. In his twenties, practicality and a need for furniture pushed his artistic inclinations towards fine woodworking. Having made the transition, Gary spent a couple of decades happily honing his sense for design, form, artistic lines, fine materials and appreciation for the beauty of natural materials. Many of the resulting pieces of furniture are now in their third and fourth decades of use and starting to acquire a patina built on daily use and loving care. In his late forties Gary moved to Seattle with his life partner Corrinne and now, with the advent of downtown condo living and the accompanying loss of his shop space, he’s come full circle and returned to photography. Gary learned his woodworking and photographic craft through steady practice, observation, study and by reading everything he could get his hands on. Gary loves to experiment and as such, is always looking to try alternative photographic styles, approach new subject matter and learn new post-processing techniques. Strongly drawn to black and white images, he finds that this format pushes him to ensure that the foundations of the image; composition, subject, exposure and tonality are solid and in the end, produce visually compelling photographic images. That being said, he also works in color and has recently been experimenting with altering photographic images in post-processing to render wood cut, pointillistic and etched outcomes. Horsfall describes his photographic style as adventurous and diverse. He's a keen observer of the activity surrounding him and as such, works to synthesize that activity into photographic images that tell the proverbial "thousand words." Gary's aesthetic ranges from vast panoramas rife with the opportunity to examine them for the detail contained therein to focused, tight images that leave no question as to what's at hand for the viewer.