En La Luchita

PhotographerLaura Ming Wong
Prize2nd Place in Sports / Other_SP
City/CountryOakland, United States
Photo Date4/1/2015
Entry Description

"En la luchita," literally translated as "in the fight," is a common Cuban response to "how are you?" For the general population, reciting the phrase is a reflex of inurement - life is a struggle. But its subtext is poetic and dignified - to struggle, is to fight for survival. For boxers in Cuba, la luchita is not just a metaphor for life. It is life, in and out of the ring. With Cuba’s recent re-entry into the pro arena and re-established diplomacy with the United States, these photos taken in early 2015 may serve as a reference point for later comparison. The boxers here have already seen changes in their streets - more tourists, more city redevelopment plans, more hotels - and have relayed hopes that it all translates to more personal opportunities. Less struggle.