PhotographerKaterina Belkina
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoPhotography Collage
Entry Description

The artwork "Duo" a part of my series Revival. A series of allegories on the theme of neo-renaissance. On the one hand, humanity is now losing the power of faith in the Divine - the world has become absurdly material. On the other hand, spiritually deprived life of modern men leads everyone to instinctive behavior. Human instincts drive us to pass life on to future generations. The unbroken chain of life on earth is essential. Seemingly brutish instincts serve as a trigger and eventually lead humanity to each new round of civilization. The material growth is impossible without spiritual. Our faith in higher forces and predestination is such a vital need of our psyche that people look for its new incarnations or try to transform the existing ones. And since these searches occur from time to time in our history, this cyclicity takes us to each new level.

About Photographer

Early on Katerina Belkina knew about her exceptional talent to see the world through different eyes. Born in Samara in the southeast of European Russia, she was brought up in an creative atmosphere by her mother, a visual artist. Her education as painter at the Art Academy and from 2000 at the Academy for Photography of Michael Musorin in Samara gave her the tools to visualize her ideas. Exhibitions of her sublime, mystic self-portraits ensued in Moscow and Paris. In 2007 Katerina Belkina was nominated for the prestigious Kandinsky Prize (comparable to the British Turner Price) in Moscow. Currently she lives and works in Berlin.