Photographernina weinberg doran
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMount Kisco, United States
Photo Date2012
Entry Description

A young girl and her brother are playing in the yard. They are eager and excited to visit with me. Their mom places a hand on the little girl so she is not overly eager. They look to me with the most incredible curious eyes.

About Photographer

NINA WEINBERG DORAN was raised in Harrison in a family devoted to the arts, and earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire, but it wasn’t until age 46 that she discovered her passion for photography. She spent much of the last few years shooting in the Caribbean, Guatemala, Morocco, Mexico and the streets of New York City. 2014 her work was shown at the Center for Fine Art Photography in an portrait exhibition juried by Amy Arbus. In 2013 she was included in Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy at both Governors Island and The City Museum of New York. In 2011 she was an honorable mention in the Robert Cornelius Award and The Julia Margaret Cameron Award where she was then included in a book of woman photographers. Photography for Doran is a window on the world - a second language - the way she communicates that unspoken place deep inside her. There is nothing that brings her a deeper or greater sense of peace and satisfaction than when she has gone out to shoot and comes upon that face, that space, whatever it is, where her heart starts skipping a beat. Then she’ll propel herself out of a moving car or turn down a path in the opposite direction she was heading because she is magnetized - stirred in such a way that there is nothing else she can do.