Young refugee

PhotographerEdu Ponces
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRUIDO Photo
City/CountryBarcelona, Spain
Photo Date10/14/2015
Technical InfoDigita. Canon 5D Mark II. 35mm
Entry Description

A young refugee, recently arrived on a beach next to Scala Scaminea village on Lesbos Island. The little girl arrived with her parents and another girl on an inflatable boat with a group of 30 people, mainly from Afghanistan. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates that more than one million refugees, mainly from Syria and Afghanistan, arrived to Europe over 2015, generating what has been considerated as the mayor refugee crisis of the continent since the Second World War. This picture captured a spontaneous look to the camera, the girl is eating biscuits while her parents are collecting their luggage before starting their walk to one of the refugee camps on the island. Behind her, lifeguard vests are being abandoned by other refugees and we can see the Aegean sea and Turkish coast. 

About Photographer

Photographer born in Barcelona in 1980. He studied Photography and Photojournalism at Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Barcelona). He has spent most of his professional life in Latin America working with several media such El País, El Mundo, CNN en Español, Miami Herald, Clarín, Proceso o Gatopardo, and El Faro (El Salvador) (where he worked as Photo Editor for two years). He has focused most of his work on two topics: migration and violence. He has received awards such as Best Photography Book of Latin America 2010 (with the book "En el Camino" -Blume, 2010-) and finalist at World Understanding Award by Picture of the Year International , REVELA International Prize, finalist in Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award 2013, finalist in Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Award 2010 or winner of the National Journalism and Human Rights Award of El Salvador, among others. Edu is a founding member of RUIDO Photo agency (non-profit reportage agency focused on Human Rights), based in Barcelona, where he currently works.