Power Rangers

PhotographerTony Corocher
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVittorio veneto, Italy
Photo Date19 January 2015
Technical InfoOMD EM1 | lens 12-40mm F.2.8
Entry Description

Group of children inside a Buddhist orphanage in the outskirts of Hanoi. These are children that were abandoned or left behind because of mental problems or physical disabilities. The Buddhist nuns take very good care of them even if the conditions are quite difficult.

About Photographer

Tony Corocher (Venice, Italy – 1974) – Freelance documentary & fine art photographer based in Italy. I’ve spent the last 20 years switching between graphic design and photography while working in different locations around the world. My work (especially documenting humanitarian situations) has been recognized by various international awards/prizes. I am particularly interested in the development of personal projects that give a real, current and, I hope, true vision of what is happening around the world. BIOGRAPHY - Educated in the classics and trained in the sciences. - Attended Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design for 1 year. - Westminster University, Foundation Studies Diploma in Design and Fine Art. - Kingston University, completed BA Hons degree in Graphic Design. - Next 2-3 years worked for different design agencies around London. - 2000, year off and went backpacking around the world. - 2001, started my own Design Agency in Italy. - Next 6-7 years worked on design projects for both print and web nationally and internationally. - 2005 got involved in digital publishing - started one of my major projects: the development of the PageFlip Flash Technology. Moved between Italy, London and Seoul where I founded – with a Korean partner – a new Company (WildFlip® Digital Paper & Books) and began selling PageFlip components and Services. - 2009 to 2012 worked in the Mobile/App environment analyzing and designing Apps for iPhone/iPad. - 2010 till now full time freelance photographer/reporter & graphic designer. In the end I am a very creative person who loves to travel and learn from different cultures and situations.