Growing Up Cowboy

PhotographerLeslee Adams
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryModesto, United States
Photo Date2014
About Photographer

Magical things happen when light, heart and mind interact. Add to that the passion of a child and a camera and you have someone who simply loves to capture life in photographs. I started taking photos with my mom’s camera when I was 11. Every chance I got, I grabbed that camera. It was a magical object that captured a magical world. Early in my life, my father instilled in me a love of nature and the environment. I loved to see creation through the camera lens. When I was 19, my brother gave me the money for my first SLR camera and from then on, I was obsessed with taking pictures. The moment I saw a black and white photo develop in the tray was pure magic. I was compelled to study fine art photography, which I did at California State University, Fullerton. Throughout my life, God has blessed me by showing me His splendor and majesty through the camera lens, and I have never stopped looking for beauty. I recently followed my heart to use the gift I have been given to pursue my passion. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing the beauty and splendor God has placed all around us.