Juan Cute Kid

PhotographerAustin Dickey
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlbuquerque, United States
Photo DateAugust 2015
Technical InfoNikon D4 50mm f1/4
Entry Description

A childs uninhibited Joy. A missing element of adulthood.

About Photographer

Austin Dickey is a 21 year old photographer based in Albuquerque New Mexico. He is currently studying Studio Art with a photography concentration at the University of New Mexico A primarily self-taught artist until his move to the southwest, he has worked for 2 years as a freelance photographer in a very broad range of applications. In Boston he primarily catered to the music scene, shooting larger shows for the Dig Boston magazine, and working one on one with smaller groups and upcoming musicians to produce album art and portraiture for promotional purposes. The success of this freelance work inspired him to pursue photography as more than a hobby, and he has since began serious study and exploration into his work. Above all, his work focuses on people, their resilience, and the diversity of the human experience. He has undergone a number of photojournalistic projects including a portraiture series centering around some of the homeless men and women that live in the city of Boston, and a six week trip to the country of Tanzania to document the efforts of medical outreach teams and some of the culture of the community in the village they resided in. His portraiture and conceptual work focuses heavily on sense of self, and the surreal. With his work, photojournalistic or otherwise, he strives to tell stories with his images and find beauty all around. He is most comfortable in the outdoors and loves finding beautiful light in strange places.