When father returned after a long trip

PhotographerHarikrishna Katragadda
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMumbai, India
Photo Date25 March 2015
Technical Info1/15 f2.0 ISO400 Nikon D800
Entry Description

Two year old Surya plays with his father Chand, who had just returned home in Malana village after a long journey to the nearby town. Chand sometimes carries a gun for protection from wild animals when he shepherds his sheep in the mountains. Malana village in the Himalayan ranges in India was inaccessible until recently because of its forbidding terrain, a cryptic language and a belief system that prohibited interaction with outsiders. Their form of self-governance traditionally resisted any interference from the Indian government. Guided by the ancient rules laid by their local deity, Malana follows one of the oldest forms of democracy in the world. Malana economy mostly runs on a bit of traditional farming, sheep rearing and recently, from cannabis cultivation.