Childhood is a period which is associated with fun, toget

PhotographerKhurram Malik
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMeem Noon Photography
City/Countrylahore, Pakistan
Photo DateAugust 17th 2015
Technical InfoCanon 6d with 85mm f1.8
Entry Description

Childhood is the most positive part of a person’s life, even for those poor little children you often see on the streets of Pakistan. With their malnourished bodies and insufficient clothing, these beautiful young people can find ways to have fun and to love each other in most unconditional of ways. Their smiles wipe away the stains of abuse and poverty, but if you really look their eyes tell everything!

About Photographer

Khurram Malik born in 1985 is a thriving Pakistani photographer dedicated to creative and conceptual photography with keen concentration to discover new, unique ways of representing identities through the lens of his camera, making an impressive entrance he launched “Meem Noon Photography” in 2011. He specializes in fine art, editorial, fashion, Wedding, Business and Corporate Events, bridal couture shoots, Launches, Life style, Nature, and advertising photography. He does commercial work as well as ‘art’. He is passionate about his work and brings much more to shoots than just a photograph. He is skilled to shoot all sorts of evocative images of the living world. Being humble human with friendly nature and highly polished professional he is renowned for his ease of style and exotically bright photography. He has also been awarded for "Honorable Mention" from The International Photography Awards™ 2015. He is also a premium member of “World Photography Organization”. With Utmost customer satisfaction through Unique and Innovative Photography achieving Spectrum of unparalleled quality services Meem Noon is the first name comes in mind of customer for coverage of their special events. He believes in following his precious clients at a distance with the latest photographic equipment’s providing them the “paparazzi” style to document their significant moments. He captures and conveys the beauty and variety through high quality, creative and aesthetically compelling photography. He only believes in what he has done when he sees the astonished look on his clients’ faces or hear the excitement in their voices when they first view their photographs. Facebook Page: Instagram: International Photography Award (IPA): World Photography Organization (WPO):