“Remember When…”

PhotographerMarianne Smith Dalton
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCazenovia, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoDigital Photograph
Entry Description

Old photographs intrigue me and consequently greatly influence my photography. I am left with feelings of both fondness and loss as I contemplate my childhood and that of my own children as well. At the same time this link between the past and the present captivates me as I attempt to frame destiny in a whimsical, playful way with this staged photograph.

About Photographer

I am an ex-city dweller gone feral and live quite reclusively in rural upstate New York. My background as a painter combined with her obsession with anthropological histories and vintage black and white photography and film drives my vision in photography. Having worked and exhibited as a fine artist in painting for many years I picked up a camera in 2013, and have never looked back since. I endeavor to produce haunting images highlighting my attraction to the nostalgic, melancholy component that early photography and film convey to me on a visceral level.