Kristin; same difference

PhotographerKristin Hatland
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAuckland, New Zealand
Photo Date28 January 2016
Technical InfoDigital manipulation
Entry Description

This black and white sepia image takes its genesis from an x-ray depicting my boney anatomy. Undertaking x-rays are detrimental to our health. They, like the title of this work, poses a dichotomy creating tension for the purpose of art. The ‘Family of Man’ idea developed from John G. Morris’ 1947 series of photographs for the Ladies Home Journal. The central premise was that all humans, through their values, emphasised their common humanity. Criticism of this premise was trenchant. Values, are, after all formed through life experiences and culture. Life experiences and culture are not common denominators for humanity. However, what is a common denominator for humanity is our anatomy. The ‘sameness’ of our anatomy allows the medical sciences, physical sciences and the physics of death and destruction to affect us uniformly. The photographic image, distills fundamentally, our species and is the hanger of our common humanity.