PhotographerZhang Qian
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrychengdu, China
Photo DateMar.23 2016
Technical Info35mm,F 1.6,1/250,iso 400
Entry Description

The new life who is beside of his mom is named "Little qi", his mother after 1 hours of Cesarean section, born out of more than 3.9kg healthy little boy, everything is so perfect. This photo is taken at half an hour after "Little qi" was born , he lie beside of his mom, the mother of "the little qi" is in the side with a relaxed and sweet smile .And his father is very happy to be a dad , "ah, I am a dad now !" and laughing and laughing! You see, "little qi" just open his mouth as if to suck the breast, so cute!