I imagined you, always

PhotographerJoey Solomon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryForest Hills, United States
Photo DateOctober 23rd, 2015.
Technical InfoAnalog 35mm Film.
Entry Description

Pensive moments under covers with my youngest brother Richard at daybreak.

About Photographer

I begin by pulling inspiration from written word: poetry (of my own or of other origin), novels, non-fiction. Imaging does not only allow me to express my growing thoughts and reflections on the world, but it allows me to document what I hold dearest. Much of my content centers around the imperfect age of youth, false senses of belonging and beauty, and the omnipresent state of disillusioned dreams. Reality, in many circumstances, was brought to me at a young age; I pull much of my perspective from my own experiences. My aim is to create situations in which a total stranger may empathize with work that denotes emotions particular to my life. Although individual lives vary immensely, we've all got the capacity to feel, and my photographs serve to rekindle past instances.