BRASIL (PhotoBook Submission)

PhotographerKristin Capp
Prize2nd Place in Book / Fine Art
CompanyKristin Capp / Photographer
City/CountryWindhoek, Namibia
Photo Date2016 (publication year)
Technical InfoB&W-Analogue Film Process
Entry Description

BRASIL is a series that captures the magic of the everyday in a rural and urban Brazil. Shooting on film with a Rolleiflex, Capp captures the complexity of a sprawling and diverse country with images ranging from candid urban scenes to pure abstraction. In Rio de Janeiro, Capp is drawn to the relationship between the natural shapes of the landscape and the city’s constructed forms; in Bahia, we are immersed in the culture that represents the largest African Diaspora in the world; and in São Paulo, she captures the dreams, contradictions and values of the people who reside there.

About Photographer

Kristin Capp is an American photographer based in Namibia. During her 16 years in New York City, she published two monographs: Hutterite: A World of Grace and Americana. Capp is the recipient of numerous awards: a Fulbright Fellowship in Namibia, the Aaron Siskind Award in Photography; the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in Bellagio, Italy, and a Sacatar Foundation Fellowship in Bahia, Brazil. Her third photography monograph, BRASIL, will be published in April, 2016 by Damiani. Capp first traveled to Salvador, Bahia in 2002 to shoot stills for a documentary film on Capoeira. Moved by the energy of Bahia, the largest African Diaspora outside of Africa, she was compelled to return many times over eight years to other regions to shoot in urban and rural Brazil. She lived in Rio de Janeiro and worked obsessively to photograph the back streets, beaches at day and night, and was especially drawn to the striking modernist architecture in Rio and Sao Paulo. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland; International Center for Photography, NY; the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, and the Brooklyn Museum, NY, among others.