Baby room

PhotographerPAOLA GARERI
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryROME, Italy
Photo DateNovember 1992
Technical InfoNikon FM2, slide.
Entry Description

Special Baby room in Dharamshala, where the sweetness and the happness triumph on the poverty.

About Photographer

Born in Calabria, South Italy Studied Art and Literature in Bologna and Rome. Specialised in Photography at IED Rome. Work like freelance in advertising then in anthropological reportage with the Ministry of Culture in Italy. Photography is for me a mystic istant, the moment when I can put into a small rectangle all my essence, reorganizing my interior universe through the apparent form of the outside world and, paradoxically, this moment is outside the time too, like a suspencion of the time. Is a inner experience, and this happen in the meeting: with people or places, sometimes with objects, essentially in the meeting with the light and the form. My photography keys are light, meeting, melting. @Paola Gareri