Stand by me...

PhotographerEnrico Raimondo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCapua, Italy
Photo Date01/06/2014
Technical Infof1.4 1/800 ISO100 85mm noflash
Entry Description

The photo was taken in the church at the First Holy Communion of my grandaughter Elisa. At the end of the ceremony Italo, her little brother , was bored and capricious and, therefore, his father scolds him . Elisa saw that he was beginning to cry, so she rushes to cuddle him ! when between me and them did not pass more people, Italo looked up and he turned towards me (...he hates being photographed !!!)...and :-p

About Photographer

Born in 1972, I have always been enchanted by photography, of any kind .... However, I only started in 2011, to have fun in the beautiful capital of Stockholm with a small camera. I was enthusiastic about the photos I took home and, since then I began to read books on the history of photography, on the great photographers, appreciating the spirit with which they placed themselves towards photographic art, and this helped me, in spare time available, to get even more interested in reading and practical studies, even to push me to post-production. I like to approach any photographic genre, bu