The light

PhotographerJavid Mammadov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo Date10.02.2016
Technical InfoNikon D7000 Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
Entry Description

I am working on the project «People from the Moscow underground» since 2012. Except holding exhibitions on this theme I won some photo competitions. As Moscow underground differs with it's architecture and people, my plan is to change the prototype of Moscow underground in people's consciousness and to show the Moscow underground to the whole world. This project is as deep inside me that I can't imagine my life without Moscow underground and it's people. These people are my inspiration for my future work.

About Photographer

About the author: Young Azerbaijanian interior designer, photographer and artist – Javid Mammadov was born in Barda (town in Azerbaijan). After graduating school he seriously was involved in art. He got an education in this sphere and after his talant was seriously noticed. From 2007 to 2010 Javid participated in several best photo competitions where he won the first and second places. In 2007 he became a winner of the second place of « Shankar's International Children's Competition », he got the silver medal. Also he took the second place in Azerbaijanian photo competition under the name « Heydar Aliyev and independent Azerbaijan ». During this time he got 15 diplomas. In 2010 Javid decided to continue his education, moved to Moscow and entered the National Design University. Later he bought a camera and attended Nikon photo – courses, he also was shooting short films and holding metaphysics seminars and this became for him a starting point that changed his goals. Being involved in taking pictures he went on taking photo lessons, read a lot of educational literature and soon achieved a success in his work. He worked in some online magazines and took part in a lot of photo – exhibitions. He became a winner of «The Best summer Photo of Azerbaijan 2014 in the nomination «Moscow through Azerbaijanian's eyes». In 2015 he became one of the winners of photo – competition «The young man in the 21st century» in Lithuania, he won a gold medal on «International photo – competition» IPA CIS. Javid became a winner of the best photo of «Azerbaijan architecture» and «Metro photo challenge» in nomination «Love of the city». With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation under the name of '' Best Of Russia '' chooses the best photographers of winners in 2015 and ''Javid Mammadov'' also became the winner of this contest!