Dear My Kung-Fu Babe

PhotographerKuo-Chin Ni
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaoyuan Country, Taiwan
Photo Date2015.09
Entry Description

Dear my Kung-Fu babe: When you were born , we took your birthday information to be judged by a fortune teller. This activity is very famous in Taiwan traditional culture. She said , \"The man will be leisurely and carefree in his old age , but not in his earlier years.\" Actually I thought it again and again. YES! Your future is controlled by yourself. Every life has its roses and thorns. When you suffered, intelligently and creatively find the solution for it. Even it spends time , even very long or makes you dusty. Just like you do Kung-Fu as a fighter. It is worth it! When you go through it , you will get more than you expect. Dad

About Photographer

Born in 1983, Taiwan. A photographer shooting various pics everywhere. Also a winner of 2013 IPA 1st place and 2013 PX3 3rd place.