• Photographer
    Letícia Zica
  • Prize
    2nd Place / People/Self-Portrait
  • University/School
    Paris 8 Université
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    digital photo

The subtlety, precision, desire, eroticism, sensuality, photographic plans are part of the composition of the Leticia Zica´s work, a young artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which undertook to capture a feeling that part of your body and that mingles with the living spaces, inhabited and experienced by her. Get in her photographic world is entering a totally erotic and subtle world, is to ask the body in a different and confidentially, that to meet the skin becomes conductive bond of sensuality caused by the mind, in charge of instincts they are reminded by what is seen or not seen. The participation of São Paulo artist in ABRAHADABRA exhibition held in Bogota, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Bogotá, includes the perception of the body and divisible space. Search feel the places we live in different ways and in this way become sensory states.

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