Belgravia Series

PhotographerPhilip Shalam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo DateJanuary 9th 2016
Entry Description

5 upside down puddle reflections shot the same day in Belgravia, London

About Photographer

25 years ago Philip Shalam started collecting graphics in particular posters, an art form reflected in Philip's photos. The strong colors, sharp diagonals, geometric forms and architectural themes all hark back to those early forms of eye catching advertising. The work submitted here today "Shadow Walkers" delight the eye by exploring the natural yet astonishing interplay between sunlight and shade and the moving figure. Philip Shalam's work captures an imagination through the lens of his camera. The artist aims to discover unique perspectives of reality to highlight the fleeting nature of reality. Shalam has spent most of his life living and working internationally giving him the opportunity to work with a variety of cultural spaces that allow to continuously experiment with photographic expression.