Photographerashton keiditsch
Prize2nd Place in Event / Social Cause
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2015.04.13
Technical Infocopy of a c type print
Entry Description

Here is my good friend Suze sitting in my spare room at home. We had planned to meet in order for me to take a few piccies.Suze had asked for a portrait which I agreed to do. We both knew time was running out but neither of us dared talk about it, instead Suze sat calmly and then removed her shirt.It took me a while to decide to continue, seconds felt like minutes .Suze never once complained of her cancer or spoke in negative terms,always hoping that she would one day walk from hospital free from cancer after 3 long years of battle.Suze died at home in her sleep with husband Nick and daughter Molly close by in July 2015.Thank you Nick for allowing me to share this photo.