Fleeing Death

PhotographerSzymon Barylski
Prize1st Place in Editorial
City/CountryGalway , Ireland
Photo Date04/03/16- 08/04/16
Entry Description

Refugee camp in Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border, where are many thousands of immigrants, mainly Syrians. There are people there from different social layers, all come here fleeing the war, death and hunger. They are travelling further through Macedonia to the north and west of Europe. Everyone is waiting with hope for several days at the barbed wire, to continue their way to Europe. Not everyone manages to pass the verification of the documents, which leads to the separation of families. Refugees live in difficult conditions, are sleeping in overfilled, drenched tents, they are frozen and have poor access to sanitary measures. The refugees are exhausted, tired and uncertain about their situation.

About Photographer

Photography has always been his passion. The source of inspiration for me is the place and the people. I believe that my photographs describe the stories, emotions to which you can return at any time of your life.