PhotographerJacopo Brogioni
Prize3rd Place in Event / Social Cause
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo DateDecember 2014 - July 2015
Entry Description

BRING BACK THOSE COLOURS is a project realized in Nepal before and after the earthquakes of April and May 2015. It is a story made of images narrating the sudden change of the Nepali daily-life. This change is perceived THROUGH the colours once vivid UNTIL the TRAGEDY, then surrounded, faded by dust, mud, sufference. The last picture is, INSTEAD, a message of hope: a young girl playing with a little house among the rubble of an IDP camp in Kathmandu. She was playing and dreaming to have a real house at the same time. She looked like anything happened, like the tragedy had never existed. That house was the only thing she had: the starting point to rebuilt her life. Reconstruction starts from the little things: they can bring the colours of Nepal back. BBTC HAS THE TASK OF SENSITISING THE HUMAN BEINGS TO SUPPORT A COUNTRY THAT NEEDS HELP. Funds raised goes to UNICEF.