Malaga - Paracosmic Houses

Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Buildings
City/CountryNottingham, Austria
Photo Date2015
Technical Info60x65cm
Entry Description

Paracosmos: a uniquely created, imaginary world of fantasy, built by the powers of our own imagination. The series of photos, “Malaga - paracosmic houses“, portrays the fishing villages Pedregalejo and el Palo in Malaga, which reflect an important aspect of the cultural heritage of the city. Over the years, the neighbourhood of the fishing villages has been transformed into a tourist honey pot and is today a mixture of ancient tradition and a classy sightseeing destination. The drastic changes in the villages have led, on the one hand, to a loss of the tightly-knit community spirit, while, on the other hand, have also led to an economic upswing in the region. The partial loss of the community spirit of the once bustling fishing village is illustrated by the visual isolation of the houses. This focuses the viewers attention on the unique character of each individual building as it stands alone.

About Photographer

Studied "image" at the Sant Ignasi Instirute of Barcelona during two years. After finishing her studies, she moved to Berlin, where she worked and lived until 2014. In 2015 she joined two Artist in Residence programs in Malaga and Bilbao. Since 2016 she is working on a long term project in England.